3 important minerals present in the Dead Sea


The Dead Sea has millions of tons of salts that are rich in minerals. These minerals are a result of the natural evaporation process of the lake’s water. There are 26 essential minerals in the Dead Sea. Among them here are the benefits some of these minerals provide.


It is the main component of the skeleton. It helps to transfer neural impulses between neurons. It also helps in the contraction process of the skeletal muscles and the heart muscle. It helps to accelerate the process of breaking down the fat and proteins in the cells. The deficit of calcium in the body causes an increase in the aging process. It plays an important role in the cell division and renewal process. Calcium helps in creating the epidermis layer’s skin barrier. If the calcium level is right, it will protect the skin from dryness from cold weather. Calcium protects the skin’s antioxidant system. Calcium can prevent the early aging process in skin.


It maintains the balance of fluids in the cell. It is important for daily existence. It helps with the muscular activity and participates in sending neural information through the neurons. It helps to maintain a proper level of acidity. It also helps to maintain the high level of moisture in the skin. It gives nutrients to the cell membranes and helps in protein synthesis. It helps to control acne outbreaks in skin.


Zinc is important for the immune system of the body and helps in repairing body cells. It helps in cell division, healing wounds, and maintaining the right acidity level. Zinc oxide is used as an effective radiation screens in the cosmetic industry today. It helps in cell renewal and elastin synthesis. It helps to improve acne conditions. It helps in the recovery process of damaged skin.

Each of the 26 essential minerals in the Dead Sea provides countless skin benefits. That’s why the Dead Sea skin care and beauty products are so popular even today.